The Five Stages of a Breakup Defined by Pop Punk Songs

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Sometimes the “perfect relationship” wasn’t meant to be. It’s good to know the pop punk bands below have been through the same ordeal and are here to remind you it gets better.

The genre of pop punk has built a reputation on the lyrical themes of love and relationships. Ever since the inception of the genre, bands have been singing about sweet and sour relationships alike. With that said, here are the five songs that outline the five stages of a breakup.

  1. Denial:

Sometimes it’s hard to accept the end of a relationship. Real Friends knows that feeling very well. In “Hebron” the verse “You still run through my head every night when I lay in bed, “ rings the strongest.

  1. Anger

Anger naturally occurs to someone post breakup. The Story So Far is familiar with this anger. “You embody everything I hate,” sings Parker Cannon in “High Regard.”

  1. Bargaining

Derek Sanders (Mayday Parade) was willing to give his heart “as an offering.” Love can make people do crazy thing that they wouldn’t normally do.

  1. Depression

Man Overboard has made a reputation off of catchy love songs, but the band also has written depressing sad songs. The song “She’s Got Her Own Man Now” is self-explanatory.

  1. Acceptance

We can’t control the outcome of a breakup, but we can control how we react. No matter what happens, always try to be like Neck Deep and find a “Silver Lining.”


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