EHM: The Next Big Genre of Music

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Vocalist Zack Johnson of the band I See Stars. I See Stars is known for coining the term “EHM.”

Amongst the sea of subgenres, Electronic Hardcore Music (EHM for short) has been making strides in the past two years.

EHM takes the popular sound of Dubstep of the late ’00s/early ’10s and pairs it with the intensity of post-hardcore and metalcore. EHM is not to be confused with the sub genre “happy hardcore.”

The earliest form of EHM can be traced back to the band Enter Shikari. The politically active group from the United Kingdom had made a name for themselves with their blend of electronic and post-hardcore music. However, Enter Shikari was not out to create a subgenre. The band just wanted to write music they liked.

The term EHM wasn’t coined until the band I See Stars put out an album entitled “New Demons.” I See Stars wanted a more aggressive and vengeful sound for their new album. Since the release of New Demons, I See Stars having been pushing the term all over social media.

Even nü metal legend Korn collaborated with critically acclaimed dubstep artist Skrillex to make the jump between the genres.

It is now more common to see a mix of metal and dubsteb. More bands have been emerging from the genre including: Palisades, Abandon All Ships and Exotype. The genre is still developing, but interest and composition within the genre are rising exponentially.