Review: The SoCal Pop Punk Coalition Presents WINTER FEST


Flyer used with permission from The SoCal Pop Punk Coalition

Winter Fest was nothing short of successful. The SoCal Pop Punk Coalition brought out over 200 attendees to the city of Perris, California to enjoy local music from 15 bands and to have a great time.

The event started promptly at 1:00 p.m. and lasted throughout the afternoon. This was the first time the coalition put on a festival, or any show for that matter. As anticipated, the event had its own setbacks, but it was nothing the coalition could not bounce back from with a little hard work and D.I.Y. ethic.


Photo by Alex Corona

“When I created the SoCal Pop Punk Coalition, I had no idea that it would have grown the way it has and in the direction that it has gone… I’m stoked that this group has stayed true to what was intended,” said Collin Marchese, creator of the SoCal Pop Punk Coalition and vocalist of Graveler (ex-Go For Gold).


Photo by Alex Corona

The event had two “stages.” The first was where the full bands would set up and play. The other stage was a bonfire where acoustic acts could serenade their fans. Unfortunately, the bonfire stage had to be taken down later on, but show did not slow down. Bands set up merch tables in between these two stages. In addition to the catchy music and intimate setting, a taco truck came to serve hungry attendants around 5:30 p.m.


Photo by Alex Corona

“Although Perris is far from pretty much everything, the actual layout was really cool…The tacos were an absolute hit! I think the tacos are a big reason why people stayed at the venue all day,” adds Marchese


Photo by Alex Corona

Although the event was a huge success, it did have its setbacks. Luckily, the coalition rose to the challenges with its talented staff. Trenton Hall was definitely “the real MVP” of the event.

“Having Trenton on board was definitely a major strength for us. We had some issues with some sound equipment during the set up, and I’m grateful to have a partner like Trenton navigating us through those things. Trenton isn’t a guy who is just going to let bands plug in and play. He takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work and it really showed out there,” says Joshua Suchánek, media and promotions coordinator of the SoCal Pop Punk Coalition.

“I met Trenton in college and he has always been that guy you know is going to do something big in life… Trenton is super professional, knows the ‘in’s and out’s’ of live sound, and has a pretty impressive background in live events. Plus, he has done sound for us before and it’s always perfect. We could not have done this without Trenton, I wouldn’t event attempt it,” adds Marchese

The event lasted until the early hours of the evening, allowing attendants to arrive home at a reasonable time and also presented the opportunity to see the other local gigs happening that same night.

“Honestly, I think I can speak for Collin and Trenton when I say that it went better than we planned. It’s really difficult to organize even getting 3 or 4 bands to come together and play a show, so organizing 15 bands was something else entirely,” said Suchánek

This festival was a first attempt for the SoCal Pop Punk Coalition. The coalition plans, and has confirmed, on doing another festival soon in the spring. The next festival is expected to be at the same venue.


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